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Gary has a twenty year career history as a working manager in a clinical setting. During his military career he worked in various clinics and hospitals as a technician and administrative manager of numerous clinics. He learned computerisation of medical information when it was in its infancy and further expansion into the extensive ICD-9 coding programme as well as strict accounting and confidentiality of electronic medical information fundamental in today’s practices.

Upon his retirement from the United States Air Force he embarked on a new career in automotive lighting. Military members that transferred to the United Kingdom and brought their automobiles with them required lighting reconfigured to meet strict standards set out by the Ministry of Transport. In the past eight years of him performing lighting conversions automotive lighting has expanded from simple incandescent lighting to the incorporation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps. During this lighting evolution car manufacturers, U.S. domestic in particular, have gone to a more complex electrical system structure in order to accommodate and manage the growing safety, economy and passenger comfort and convenience systems now available in modern cars. As the standards for the United Kingdom are more stringent and the electronics of newer cars are more complex this has produced a challenging task for technicians dedicated to converting vehicle lighting to meet stringent UK standards.

Since his entry into automotive lighting field he has successfully taken on the challenges of the ever-increasing complexity of modern car, truck and SUV electronics with the incorporation of the best LED technology available on the market. His extensive product research and implementation combined with his meticulous attention to detail has earned him a reputation of excellence within the military community. Custom LED Solutions will allow his experience and expertise to enter the public market for individuals or organisations wishing to access a superior quality product or ascertain knowledge in performing electrical work required to safely meet lighting requirements for the United Kingdom.

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