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Automotive Lighting

We are dedicated to providing consultation and referrals achieving exceptional lighting modifications for US specification vehicles in the UK. Our experience performing light conversions and extensive product knowledge places us in a position to offer expert advice and a lighting selection that is elegant, durable, give the appearance of being Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and able to be permanently used for the life of the vehicle in a majority of applications. We have worked alongside Ministry Of Transport (MOT) inspectors and are well-versed in the specific details to ensure light conversions successfully meet MOT requirements.

Our vision is to provide custom lighting planning consultations for individuals and companies looking for superior quality products and craftsmanship to meet UK standards or improve current vehicle lighting.

Needs Assessment

There are several categories of lighting needs we are in a position to fulfill.

New Arrivals

Our primary customer base is US Service personnel that have recently arrived to the UK and importing a US specification vehicle. We have expanded our services to owners of American vehicles throughout the UK as; well as any owner wanting to upgrade their current lighting. We provide one-on-one consultations, delivering detailed explanation of UK lighting requirements, recommendations of lighting alterations required to pass MOT inspection and locating a garage that is a good fit to perform the conversion and inspection.

Vehicles Currently in the UK

Owners of US specification and some Japanese specification vehicles in the UK may desire more lighting choices than originally on offer when the initial light conversion was performed. We can assess the light conversion performed and come up with additional options (restore reverse lights removed during initial conversion, improve additional lighting fitted to vehicle, clean-up any visible wiring, remove boxes mounted beneath vehicle or external lights, etc.)

Exterior and Interior / Courtesy Lighting

We cater to Individuals that want to replace standard incandescent bulbs with crisp, bright LED lights. Exterior lamps (position, license / number plate, side repeaters) as well as interior lamps to include difficult to find lamps (festoon bulbs, illuminated mirrors, glove box, instrument cluster and trunk / boot lights).


We can assist garages that perform light conversions extend their current range of lighting products. We stock some of the most up-to-date high-end lighting on the market. We have tested each product we recommend to ensure successful application in performing a light conversion.


Certain individuals with a good knowledge of mechanics may wish to do their own light conversion. We offer instructions tailor made for vehicles to include color exterior light wiring diagrams and product recommendation and procurement along with assistance in finding a garage to perform the MOT inspection once the light conversion is accomplished. We carry a substantial stock of materials needed to perform an excellent conversion.

Bespoke Requests

We welcome all lighting inquiries. Individuals that have an idea of lighting modifications but have been unable to find what they are looking for or a garage that is unable to provide satisfaction are encouraged to contact us for a consultation. We have an extensive knowledge of LED, HID and incandescent lighting with experience of practical application to suit customer needs and desires.

American Cars in the UK

Many US specification cars (American muscle cars, trucks, limos, etc.) have been imported to the UK and have already been through an IVA. With the advancement of lighting technology owners of these vehicles can benefit with upgrading of lighting. Our company imports high quality lighting that can transform a car or truck to appear OEM and still pass the annual MOT inspection.

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